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 Tobias's Staff app

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PostSubject: Tobias's Staff app   Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:46 am

Steam Name (not in-game rp name): DuDer AKA Tobias

Steam profile URL: TinyRodent told me i could leave it since i can't send it With a link. STEAM_0:0:41207486 Steam ID instet of URL to Steam profile.

Preferred name(s) (For TS): Tobias

Nationality: Denmark

Fluent in English? Yes

Age: 16

Working in-game mic? Yes

Knowledge of programming languages: i know a bit about lua but thats pretty much it.

Knowledge of ULX: i think i know all of it

Any previous gmod staff roles: Super Admin, Admin and Head Mod

Staff rank that you would like to reach: Super Admin

Why you should be given the opportunity to be on our staff team: I would love to help with the growth of this server/community and also be able to learn new stuff that i can put into action while helping other players also i would like to make the server way more amusing to all the players by taking care of the people who are not willing to cooperate, so that everyone can have the fun that i have when playing with this amazing community!

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Tobias's Staff app
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