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 Cody (Buck) Staff Application

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PostSubject: Cody (Buck) Staff Application   Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:59 pm

Steam Name (not in-game rp name): Buck (i change it quite a bit)
Steam profile URL: steamcommunity.com/id/napanpt/
Preferred name(s) (For TS): Napan / Cody
Nationality: Portuguese
Fluent in English? Yes
Age: 20
Working in-game mic? Yes
Knowledge of programming languages: None, but willing to learn.
Knowledge of ULX: All commands

Any previous gmod staff roles: Admin, Moderator, Co-Owner, Head Of Staff, Event Master
Staff rank that you would like to reach: Event Master
Why you should be given the opportunity to be on our staff team:
I would like to become a staff member so that i can give back and try to help the community. Of course it doesn't take being staff to help people with information they don't know, such as content pack links, but this is one of the things i like to do to be able to help others on the server. However, having even the minor privileges would benefit my ability to help people as i can deal with minor rule breaks that annoy players who are trying to RP, such as FailRP, MIc-Spam or minor ARDM. If i got a higher rank in staff, such as Mod+ i would be able to work with the staff team more to stop rule breaks more long term by handing out kicks or bans to those who are completely ruining the experience for a part of the server. I would really enjoy helping the player base by ensuring there were minimal rule breakers as this would lead to a better RP experience for the players. To achieve this, i would be strict but fair in my punishments to make sure the rules are always followed by everyone. I have learned how that this is necessary from my previous staff experience, where is you let them get away with a single rule they may sometimes go on to break other rules even after a verbal warning. Also, i would like to enforce the RP on the server so that everyone enjoys the experience, by ensuring even small RP rules are followed such as jumping down lifts. If i did get staff, i would also like to make new event ideas that hopefully interest the player base. In doing this, i will try to take ideas and improvements given to me by players in game, as well as suggestions on the forums. I hope to create some new and interesting events that will keep players interested in the community. Also, i would do events in off-peak times to keep the players interested and allow the player count to build up, without everyone getting bored.
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Cody (Buck) Staff Application
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