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 212th Commander Jager's Application

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PostSubject: 212th Commander Jager's Application   Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:23 pm

Steam name: Buck

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:131754598

Age: 20

In game name: Jager

Regiment: CT

Regiment you are applying for: 212th

Commanding experience:
I've been commanding troops ever since i play SWRP, i've been in multiple server Commander, i've reached General in 1 server and been commanding ranks in a lot of server. I'm applying for 212th cause im especially good on front line regiments such as 212th. I have gained alot of knowledge about the rules and regulations of the ship. With my wide variety of Commanding experience, I know how to react and what to do in pretty much all situations. This experience of commanding also helped me with defcons and battlestations so if we get attacked i know how to proceed.

What can you offer the regiment?
I can offer a Commander dedicated to this men, my knowledge that i have obtained throughout my time as CO. Because of this, it will only benefit the 212th if I get accepted, as I will know what to do in pretty much all situations and will be able to react with ease and with strength.
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212th Commander Jager's Application
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